‘Housing plays a key role in refugee long-term resettlement. Without decent housing, or at least a roof over their heads, refugees find it extremely difficult to rebuild their lives. Housing can provide safety, security and stability to people who feel they have lost everything in their flight to safety’. 

Carey-Wood, J 1997

Securing accommodation and support services for asylum seekers and refugees, and aiding their integration through community-based initiatives, are key elements of the Government's refugee integration strategy. Refugees and asylum seekers have a wide range of. Some need little support others need considerable support, especially if they have been traumatised by their experiences in their home country.

Housing is often a key link in refugees and asylum seekers accessing support services. Settled accommodation provides an address from which to apply for benefits, training or a job, and establishes entitlement to a school place. Housing-related support workers act as key links with health, education, training and other services. 

Guide to housing and support services for asylum seekers and refugees