Before being allocated accommodation in a dispersal area the person seeking asylum should be supported to complete an Asylum Support Application Form for the UK Border Agency. Support to fill out these forms should be available from the person’s case worker or at a local One Stop Service.

The form should provide information regarding the health needs of a person seeking asylum or any of their children and other dependants. This includes any health care need that requires treatment, medication or counselling. The purpose of this is to provide support that is adequate for their needs including appropriate housing.

Direct communication between health care providers in initial and dispersal accommodation sites is required to ensure continuity of care.

In cases where an asylum seeker is relocated urgently or in an emergency there is often insufficient time to consult and complete an Asylum Support Application Form or to make new treatment arrangements. However any health care issues should be taken into account immediately the relocation has taken place.

Challenging Dispersal

  • Challenging the dispersal of families can be appropriate if the new health service has not had sufficient time and information to support the complex needs of an individual.
  • Challenges to dispersal can be applied for through the Asylum Support Tribunal. However, there needs to be adequate reason for the asylum seeker to refuse or challenge the dispersal accommodation they have been offered. There is a danger that the decision reached is that the person seeking asylum is in breach of their asylum support condition without reasonable excuse and all support, including accommodation and subsistence) could be withdrawn

Asylum Support Tribunal Service provides information in other languages

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