The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority highlights that: 

‘Newly arrived pupils and families from overseas may have health needs that need to be addressed. The physical and mental health of a family can have a significant influence on a pupil's capacity to learn and settle into a new school environment.

Refugees and asylum seekers, in particular, may experience problems with their health in the UK and barriers to receiving appropriate treatment and care. Certain health problems are common among refugees and some are specific to them, for example those related to human rights abuses such as torture in their countries of origin.

Many threats to good health are shared with other deprived and excluded groups, such as problems linked to poverty and overcrowding.’

QCA: Healthcare needs - overseas families

If health care needs of family members are not being met effectively, children may then be taking on significant inappropriate caring responsibilities. Inappropriate levels of caring impact on children’s own emotional and physical health as well as their educational achievement and life chances. Additional barriers in education exist for young carers who are refugees.

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