Young carers from refugee and asylum seeking families should not have to take on inappropriate care for another family member which impacts upon their own physical and mental well being.

Consultation with young people and their parents from refugee and asylum seeking families has shown that they may face specific additional issues with their caring responsibilities that can all affect the continuity of support. These include language barriers, prejudice, limited knowledge of health and social care provision, access to social services, isolation, dealing with displacement and dispersal.

Funded by The Department of Health, The Children’s Society Include Programme­ has developed this good practice resource to ensure both adults and children with asylum seeking and refugee status have access to appropriate health and social care services in order to prevent children under 18 taking on inappropriate caring responsibilities. This tool provides useful resources to aid in the identification and support of young carers in refugee families and to enable practitioners to provide inclusive whole family support to all communities.


Who is this tool aimed at?

This is a tool for all adult and children’s services, education, health and other agencies in contact with refugee and asylum seeking families. Particularly those working with families affected by ill health and disability and where there are young carers.