Using this toolkit

The Children’s Society ‘Include’ Programme has developed The Whole Family Pathway­, a resource for practitioners to ensure that however a family (parent or child) in need of support first makes contact with an agency; the same key points are followed. This is to be used alongside the Key Principles of Practice, Frank and McLarnon 2008­ for those who work directly with or commission services for young carers and their families. 

This toolkit is to be used in conjunction with the Whole Family Pathway (Leadbitter 2008) in order to bridge the gaps in health and social care provision for refugee and asylum seeking families. 

This resource is not designed as a book to be read from cover to cover. It is an electronic tool for ALL practitioners to access the information that is most useful to them in their role. 

Please remember to signpost this toolkit, along with the ‘Whole Family Pathway’, to colleagues from other departments (including Adult and Children’s services and Health both in the Statutory and Voluntary Sectors) who are providing support to the same families so they can access the information and resources relevant to the service they provide.