Refugee Young Carers

‘We end up becoming translators, legal advisors, housing advisors and carers for the whole community’.

Young carer from asylum seeking family 

Some families seeking asylum have unmet health and social care needs and can find themselves relying on their children to carry out the care tasks needed.

This could be due to families:

  • Being unaware of the services or support available to them
  • Being reluctant to involve agencies with their family in case it impacts upon their asylum claim
  • Having cultural views about caring and expect the child to be the carer
  • Having a young person who takes on the caring role at the onset of the illness or disability and it is seen as a natural progression over time. Such children may not recognise that they are carers 

Refugee children and young people are particularly vulnerable due to the physical and emotional disruption and trauma they may have experienced. The additional burden of having to care for a family member who is mentally or physically unwell may prevent them from integrating into their communities. This can have a significant effect on their development, and their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Personal stories

­The personal stories recounted on this website are of young carers from refugee and asylum seeking families. They have had the names changed to preserve the anonymity of those involved.

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